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The superintendent at Heath Ledger's building also told that he was shocked by the star's tragic death.
"He was a great man," Tamba Mossa, 32, said. "You couldn't tell he was a celebrity."

Mossa said that Heath moved to the apartment block in downtown Manhattan after he broke up with his girlfriend Michelle Williams.

"He's been living here four or five months," he said. "He would bring his daughter here and I would see him carrying her or pushing her in her stroller."

Mossa said the day's tragic events unfolded when Heath's housekeeper came to his apartment to fix some light bulbs and let herself into his home with her key.

Shortly afterwards, the housekeeper frantically called Mossa. "She was saying, 'Something happened. Something happened to him. Come here now'."

When Mossa got to Heath's fourth-floor apartment, he said that the place was swarming with police officers, and he saw Heath's body covered and being moved off the bed.

Heath Ledger's neighbors were equally shocked and saddened.

"It's unbelievable," said Dan Gillham. "He was such a vibrant guy. Heath pretty much kept to himself after moving here two years ago. We seldom saw Michelle or their young daughter, but we know he was very proud of his child."

Another neighbor, actor Adrian Belliani, added, "It's such a shame that he should die at such a young age. Everybody that knew Heath seemed to like him."

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